Movement - Us

Trust can not be built, it’s something that you choose to believe.

Animal Collective - Monkey Riches

We became slaves. It’s true but not only the older people has the power to rule over young ones. Determining variable wouldn’t be age. I’ve changed my mind and i don’t want to drag out more on this subject. Have a kinky monday. 

London Grammar - Strong

If you accept the challenge, then you will be doomed to the need of feeling strong. But you don’t have to. Occupy yourself

Pixies - Bagboy

After all these years without hearing any record from them and all the things that has been going on in Istanbul lately, it’s kind of a relief.

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool

Still nothing going on. A whole of nothing but at least it’s something, isn’t it?

Empire Of The Sun - Alive

Stop trying so hard to be happy and embrace pessimism.

Toro y Moi - Never Matter

What a beautiful day saturday is.

Passion Pit - Cry Like A Ghost

This is not a good time to cry; besides, in my mind i can hardly rationalize how ghosts cry.

Vampire Weekend - Diane Young

Excitement is the state of being excited. Consider that i feel emotionally aroused right now, that means i feel excitement.That’s the feeling,many people feel whenever they heard about a new Vampire Weekend song. Time will pass and someday at a time the new album will be released. Ok,being mysterious is unnecessary. Modern Vampires of the City is out May 7 via XL Recordings. That’s all. Now you may listen the song if you still not.


Portugal.The Man - Evil Friends

It’s neither good nor bad or they are neither angel nor evil.